Buying Your First Home

Buying Your First Home

Your journey to home ownership can be exciting, and intimidating. Real estate is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so there is good reason to feel apprehensive. However, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition on your way to becoming a first-time homeowner. 

Your home is not only a place that reflects who you are, it can also position you for financial success in the future. By taking these three easy steps, you minimize risk and stress, and maximize the likelihood of making your inaugural home buying experience a positive and financially beneficial one.

Prepare for Your First Home Buying Experience

Buying your first home can either be a memorable journey into investing in your future, or a series of disappointments and losses. There are some things you can do before starting your search that will ensure the best possible outcome. 

3 Simple Steps to Preparing for Your Home Buying Journey

  1. Undertake a financial readiness check.
    Buying your first home is an exciting endeavour, and knowing you’ve done your financial due diligence will go a long way to minimizing risk and stress . Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has a simple checklist to help you figure out if you are financially ready to take that leap.

    There are a number of first time home buyer government incentive programs that can help save you money through rebates, tax incentives, RRSPs, etc. so it’s important to do your homework.

    Once you’ve determined affordability, getting pre-approved prior to embarking on your home search is a good idea. A pre-approval letter from a lender establishes you as a qualified buyer, can help negotiate a better deal, and generally streamlines the whole process when you do find that perfect home.
  2. Work with qualified professionals.
    The next step is to find a realtor. Buying your first home is likely to be one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make so it is of utmost importance to find a realtor who is not only experienced, but also someone you can work with comfortably. 

    While the advent of the internet now puts most listings within easy reach of buyers, there is so much more to buying a house than just finding one. Your realtor will access important  information about your home, its location, and its history; and be able to negotiate the best price based on extensive knowledge of the market. They will also walk you through the process so you know what to expect, manage all the paperwork, and refer you to other tried and tested professionals such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, tradespeople, etc. 
  3. Keep an open mind. 
    As a first-home buyer, you will likely experience a steep learning curve. So while it’s a good idea to have some idea of what location or type of home you are looking for, it can make all the difference if you stay open to alternatives you may not have considered. 

    Maybe that condo you dreamed of isn’t the best option for your situation, or maybe you had no idea about the real cost of owning a single family home. An experienced realtor who knows the market and takes the time to get to know you will help find and secure the home of your dreams, even if you haven’t dreamed it yet.

We Can Help Get You Off to a Great Start

Being confident about what you can afford, working with an experienced real estate professional who ‘gets’ you, and being open to new possibilities will help make your first home buying experience a truly memorable one. 

We have experience, and a deep commitment to service, and we’d love to help you acquire your first home. For more information, call Kelly Maxwell at 403.875.1114 or complete our contact form and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends entirely on your circumstances. While buying a property can be a great investment in your future, there are many factors to consider. An ethical, experienced realtor will be able to advise you based on your unique situation.

Owning a home is a great investment but can quickly become a financial nightmare if you don’t plan ahead. Research down payment requirements and work with a broker or your lender to determine what you can afford.

There are a number of ways to find a realtor that’s a good fit for you and your needs. You can ask friends and family, check out local realtor websites, watch for realtors’ listings in your preferred areas, and watch your social media for real estate ads and announcements. 

It’s important to take the time to interview your top picks and then choose one who is not only experienced, but has positive reviews and testimonials from trusted sources. You should never feel pressured or rushed.

Calgary's Trusted Real Estate Team

Calgary's Trusted Real Estate Team

Our Client focus and relentless commitment are backed by deep finance, marketing, and business expertise and decades of professional experience in Calgary’s real estate market. We are here to meet your goals and be the real estate team for your life. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, downsizing, or looking for the perfect investment opportunity our team is here to help. We are proud to serve Calgary, AB, and all of its surrounding communities.

Committed to Exceeding Expectations

Whether you are buying or selling, it’s important to work with real estate professionals you can trust to consistently put your needs first.  The Kelly Maxwell Real Estate team brings deep finance and business expertise, along with two decades of experience in the Calgary real estate industry. Our commitment is to consistently exceed expectations by being the most responsive, innovative and results-oriented professionals in real estate today. 

Call or text 403.875.1114 and let us become the real estate team for your life.

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