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Condominiums provide the benefits of homeownership along with freedom from the maintenance you might not have the time, desire, or skill to take on. Condominium-style ownership makes sense for first-time home buyers, rental property investors, or homeowners wanting to downsize.

However, there are many variables and potentially hidden costs related to condominium living so it’s important to work with someone who has the training and experience to ask the right questions. Kelly Maxwell is a condominium specialist certification by the Calgary Real Estate Board, and personal experience in condominium ownership. Kelly and her team can help you find the perfect space to call home.

Home Ownership Without All the Responsibilities

Condominium living provides you with the benefits of homeownership without all the responsibilities and offers freedom from maintenance you might not want or be able to take on. There are different types of condominium ownership such as large high rises, smaller low-rise buildings, row/townhouses, duplexes (semi-detached) or even freestanding detached homes. Many condominium complexes also offer private amenities for their residents - fitness areas, pools, libraries, bowling alleys, and theatre or party rooms. We will help you determine which choice is right for you based on your needs and wants.  

A condominium may afford you a home in a more desirable neighborhood than a free-standing home in a less desirable one. Your condominium mortgage plus monthly fees may be equivalent to the rent you are already paying but allows you to build your own equity. However, in Alberta, because condominiums involve shared ownership of common property they are governed under a separate act. Kelly Maxwell has her condominium specialist certification from the Calgary Real Estate Board, and personal experience in condo ownership. 

Our promise is to consistently exceed expectations by being the most responsive, innovative and results-oriented professionals in real estate today. To be the real estate team for your life.

The Real Estate Team For Your Life

Real estate, whether as a first time purchase, upsize/downsize, or income property, is a life-changing investment. Are you looking to buy or sell?  offers extensive finance and business expertise in addition to over two decades of professional experience in Calgary’s real estate market. 

Call or text 403.875.1114 - we’d love an opportunity to exceed your expectations and become the real estate team for your life.

Understanding The Benefits and Risks of Condo Ownership

There are many factors to consider when buying a condominium.  Kelly has over 20 years in real estate, along with being condominium specialist certified . We can also share our own experiences as condominium owners and board members. 

Condominium real estate in Alberta can be complicated and is governed by a separate act. In addition, condominium bylaws vary from complex to complex, so it’s important to understand exactly what the responsibility of the owner is versus the condominium corporation. Who is responsible for exterior doors and windows? What utilities are covered by the monthly condominium fee? How much is in the reserve fund and what will that cover? 

That’s why it’s imperative to work with a professional with the right training and experience. Having personally experienced life owning and living in a condominium, we will educate you about the benefits and various styles of condominium ownership.  

Condominium Specialist Certified and Experienced

Condominiums present unique and complex challenges, and we work directly with you every step of the way to ensure the process is clear and easy to understand. Condominium ownership differs from traditional homeownership because it involves shared ownership of common property. We explain the differences between types of condominiums, recommend the best type of condominium for your needs, and refer you to experts like document reviewers who specialize in this field.

Our promise to you is to consistently exceed expectations by being the most responsive, innovative and results-oriented professionals in real estate today.

What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say

When our clients say we care, we are relentless and we will make your dreams happen, it’s because we have decades of experience getting to know the Calgary market and our individual clients themselves. We anticipate and communicate your needs and support you to feel informed, prepared, and comfortable throughout the process. Read why our clients chose us to be the real estate team for their life.

Helping You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

We want to get to know you, learn about your goals and dreams, and work with you to make them happen. Knowledge, experience, and a genuine desire to exceed your expectations - because our goal is to become the real estate team for your life. 

Call or text us at 403.875.1114 and let us know how we can help.

Your Journey to Condominium Ownership

The Kelly Maxwell Realty team begins the process of helping you find your perfect home by having an informal meeting with you to explore and understand your ideal outcome so we can then create a plan to make it happen. Once we understand your vision, we consider location, requirements and preferences. What type of condominium are you looking for? Do you want to live in an inner-city or suburban community? Do you want to close to work, schools, shopping, public transit, or recreation facilities? Is there a required number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or maybe you need a home office or garage? 

Having determined your needs and wants, we then move to budget. We review with you all related costs so you can budget for items such as a condominium document specialist, home inspection, real estate lawyer, insurance, - everything you’ll need to have in place at the time of closing. Then we research your preferred communities to find the most affordable home in the best neighborhood. We identify any site influences you should be aware of such as active development permits, zoning, traffic, and others.

Once you’ve decided on a property, we undertake a comprehensive review of comparable homes so you can make a competitive offer that is within your budget, and review all related documentation with you.  When your Offer to Purchase has been accepted, we explain the closing process so you know exactly what to expect. Sometimes challenges arise when finalizing the deal and we keep you informed and provide advice on navigating around them. 

The last step is to hand over the keys to your new condominium for you to begin creating lasting memories.

Condominium Frequently Asked Questions

Costs vary depending on the condominium complex. Monthly fees typically go towards paying your portion of the cost to maintain and repair the common property for things like snow removal, landscaping, waste management, heating and cooling systems, maintenance, etc. Some condominium fees also include utilities such as electrical, gas, water and sewer.

A portion of your condominium fees will also likely go toward the building’s reserve fund which ensures that the complex has enough money to pay for the major repair items (roof, windows, etc) over the life of the building. 

Condominiums require a reserve fund study to help them determine how much money should be in their reserve fund. A condominium document review is a standard condition in a purchase contract and often includes a reserve fund study. We always encourage clients to seek a professional review of these documents by a certified condominium document specialist.

Calgary's Trusted Real Estate Team

Calgary's Trusted Real Estate Team

Our Client focus and relentless commitment are backed by deep finance, marketing, and business expertise and decades of professional experience in Calgary’s real estate market. We are here to meet your goals and be the real estate team for your life. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, downsizing, or looking for the perfect investment opportunity our team is here to help. We are proud to serve Calgary, AB, and all of its surrounding communities.

Committed to Exceeding Expectations

Whether you are buying or selling, it’s important to work with real estate professionals you can trust to consistently put your needs first.  The Kelly Maxwell Real Estate team brings deep finance and business expertise, along with two decades of experience in the Calgary real estate industry. Our commitment is to consistently exceed expectations by being the most responsive, innovative and results-oriented professionals in real estate today. 

Call or text 403.875.1114 and let us become the real estate team for your life.

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